Hornet’s Nest Meeting

17 08 2009

The Hornet’s Nest Chapter of the North Carolina Etsy Street Team held our usual monthly meeting this past Sunday and the primary subject was Craft Attack 2009.

The team discussed options for this year’s sponsors, and we have already been in contact with Etsy and the Charlotte Roller Girls about sponsorship.  These are two of our sponsors from last year, and it would be wonderful to work with them again.

We also did some planning around the advertising for this years event.  As we did last year, we are planning the usual advertising methods of local news papers and plastering a number of areas with fliers.  We also are making arrangements to get advertising into various neighborhood newsletters as well as print/air/web opportunities.

Once again, we would like to incorporate a partnership with the comunity at Craft Attack 09.  Last year we were able partner with one of the local Girl Scout troups and the Animal Adoption League, so they could set up space to pass out information.  This year we have already contacted the Fire Department, and they have expressed interest in having a fire truck at our event if they are able to get it on their schedule (we should know soon).  We are also contacting a number of other community groups to help make this festival a well-rounded affair.




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